1st Tunisian Workshop on Embedded Systems Design


The city of Monastir is 20 km south of Sousse and 162 km south of Tunis, and is a city on the central shore of Tunisia, in the Sahel area. Famous for its tourist activities, Monastir is also well-known by its fishing port, the marvellous mausoleum of Bourguiba, the splendid Ribat, and the ruins of the antique city of Ruspina…

Monastir is a modern tourist destination. The avenues are wide and monuments are restored very well. It is a pleasant resort, with magnificent hotels and a marina. The beaches are joining those of Skanès.
Tunisia’s weather is very stable; it is 25-35ºC the whole year round, cooled by the seas.


TWESD 2012

• Monastir: the Ribat (fortress),

• Monastir: the mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba, Tunisia’s first President,

• Monastir: many museums like the Monastir museum or the Lamta museum,

• Monastir: Cap Marina,

• Sousse: it is less than half an hour’s drive to Sousse, Tunisia’s third city. The Medina (city centre) is certainly worth a visit.









Important Dates

- April 25, 2012

Paper Submission

- May
5, 2012 :
 Acceptance Notification

- May
10, 2012
  Final Submission

- May
    TWESD 2012