10th Tunisian Workshop on Embedded Systems Design

June 16-18, 2023 in Mahdia, Tunisia


The Tunisian Workshop on Embedded Systems Design (TWESD 2023) intends to gather and illustrate experiences in tools development and utilization in the area of embedded systems design.
TWESD 2023 will include Phd and expert presentation in the following topics:


Embedded Systems

Internet of Things

1.  Cooperative Robots

2. System on Chip (SoCs)

3. Software-hardware architecture co-design

1. Smart City

of Smart  Systems

2. Smart E-Health

3. Smart Agriculture


Artificial Intelligence

1.  Security emergency development

2.   Networking

3.   cryptography

1.  Neural Networks

2.   Machine learning

3.   Deep Learning


Tutorial sessions:

TWESD'2023 aims to provide audiences with skills and to round out their knowledge of important topics:

  • Recent advances of Artificial Intelligence: Anis Koubaa, Director of Research, Prince Sultan University, KSA
  • Emerging technologies in Industry 4.0: Adem Bouchaala

  • How to build a lean project?: Mohamed kharrat, CompiTechnology









TWESD 2023

June 16-18, 2023

El-Mouradi Hotel, Mahdia, Tunisia