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19th of December

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VLSI Architect. for Multim. Appli.


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Analog Circuits




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ICM 2011 Program

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ICM’11 Conference > Monday 19th of December




Tutorial 1: RFID Technology: A methodology of evaluating its impact through modelling and simulation


Habib Hamam 

Professor - Univ. of Moncton, Canada

Abderrazak Hachani

Professor - ESPRIT, Tunisia



Tutorial 2: Current-Mode Analog Processing: Circuits Design and Applications


Hervé Barthélemy 

Professor - IM2NP, Univ. of Sud Toulon Var, France

Stéphane Meilleire

Professor - IM2NP, Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire de Marseille, France



Tutorial 3: HEVC/H.265


Mohamed Ali Ben Ayed

Associate Professor - Sfax High Institute of Electronics and Communication, Univ. of Sfax, Tunisia

Faouzi Kossentini

President & CEO of eBrisk Video Inc, Tunisia


ICM’11 Conference > Tuesday, 20th of December




Conference Opening


Keynote 1

Chair: Sofiène Tahar - Univ. of Concordia, Montreal, Canada

Title: The Growth of the Microelectronics Industry and its Contribution to Economic and Intellectual Transformation – The Case of Malaysia and Far-East Countries

Keynote speaker: Machkuri Yaacob

University:  President - Univ. of UNITEN, Malaysia



Coffee Break


A1: Analog Circuits

Chair: Hervé Barthelemy - IM2NP, Univ. of Sud Toulon Var, France


§         An analytical model of the oscillation period for tri-state inverter based DCO

Mehdi Terosiet, Sylvain Feruglio, Patrick Garda

UPMC Univ. of Paris 06, LIP6, France

§         A PWM Controller with Table Look-up for DC-DC Class E Buck/Boost Conversion

Steve Hung-Lung Tu, Hsin-Wei Yeh, Fu Jen

Univ. of Catholic, Taiwan

§         A Phase-Locked Loop with Multi-State PFD and Phase Compensation Techniques

Feng-Lin Chiu, Steve Hung-Lung Tu, Fu Jen

Univ. of Catholic, Taiwan

§         Butterworth Passive Filter in the Fractional - Order

Soltan, A. G. Radwan, A. M. Soliman,

Univ. of Fayoum / Univ. of Cairo, Egypt

§         Tunable Second Order Bi-quad Filter using Current Conveyor based FPAA

Eman A. Soliman, Soliman A. Mahmoud, Ahmed Soliman

Univ. of Sharjah, UAE / Cairo Univ., Egypt

§         Fourth Order Filter Structures Using Operational Trans-resistance Amplifiers

Nabil I. Khachab, Sara M. Naeim

Univ. of Kuwait, Kuwait



B1: NoC & SoC Architectures

Chair: Zied Marrakchi - FlexRAS, LIP6, France


§         A New Pipelined Network Interface for Network on Chip with latency and jitter optimization

B. Attia, W. Chouchene, N. Abidd, A. Zitouni, K. Torki, R. Tourki

FSM, Tunisia / CMP-Grenoble, France

§         Toward all optical interconnections in chip multiprocessor

M.Channoufi, P.Lecoy, R.Attia, B.Delacressonniere

EPT, Tunisia / ENSEA-Paris, CRISMATNXPSemiconductors, France

§         Design and Performance evaluation of on chip network with Transaction Level Modeling

Nourddine Abid, Chouchene Wissem, Brahim Attia, Abdelrim Zitouni, Rached Tourki

FSM, Tunisia

§         Area/Delay Driven NoC Synthesis

Abir M‟zah, Omar Hammami

Ensta ParisTech, France

§         Towards Dynamic Cache Block Placement for Multi-processor NUCA

Mohamed Salah Souahi, Smail Niar,Mohamed Zahran, Mohamed Ben Mohamed

Univ. of Tebessa, Algeria / Univ. of Valenciennes, France / Poytechnic Institute of NewYork, USA / Univ. of Constantine, Algeria

§         Online First Fit Algorithm for Modeling the Problem of Configurable Cache Architecture

Asmaa Bengueddach, Smail Niar

Univ. of Oran, EsSenia Algeria / Univ. of Valenciennes, France

§         Hardware Task Placement in Operating Systems for Dynamically Reconfigurable SoC

Adnen Albouchi, Bouraoui Ouni, Abdellatif Mtibaa

FSM, National Engineering School of Sousse, Tunisia



C1: Devices Modeling and Characterization I

Chair: Stéphane Meilleire - IM2NP, Ecole Polytechnique Univ. Of Marseille, France


§         TSV Model Linearization

Khaled Mohamed, Alaa El-Rouby, Yehea Ismail, Hani Ragai

§         Extrinsic Extraction Procedure for a Small-Signal GAN-HEMT Model

M. Laredj, L. Degachi, A. Birafane, T. Wu, A.B. Kouki, D. Gratton, F.M. Ghannouchi

ETS Montreal / Canadian Space Agency / Univ. of Calgary, Canada

§         A scheme for measuring and extracting Level-1 parameters of FET Device applied toward POSFET sensors array

Arun Kumar Sinha, Maurizio Valle

Univ. of Genova, Italia

§         Interest of surface treatment at gate oxide level for power MOSFETs quality and reliability

Emilie Pomès, Jean-Michel Reynès, Patrick Tounsi,  Jean-Marie Dorkel

CNRS ; LAAS, Freescale Semiconductor SAS, France

§         Synchronization of Two RCL Shunted Josephson junctions

Mohamed Zribi, Nabil Khachab, Moneera Boufarsan

Univ. of Kuwait, Kuwait

§         Retargetable Multi-level Debugging in HW/SW Codesign

Jakub Křoustek, Zdeněk Přikryl, Dušan Kolář, Tomáš Hruška

Univ. of Brno Technology, Czech Republic





A2: RF Circuits and MEMS

Chair: Brahim Mezghani - ENIS, Tunisia


§         From 2D to 3D FEM simulations of a CMOS MEMS convective accelerometer

B. Mezghani, A. Brahim, F. Tounsi, M. Masmoudi, A.A. Rekik, P. Nouet

ENIS, Tunisia / Univ. of Montpellier 2, France

§         A 5 V MEMS Gyroscope with 3 aF/deg/s Sensitivity, 0.6 deg/(hr^0.5) Mechanical Noise and Drive-Sense Crosstalk Minimization

Mohannad Elsayed, Frederic Nabki, Mohamad Sawan, Mourad El-Gamal

Univ. of McGill, EPM, Canada

§         Power Gating of VLSI Circuits Using MEMS Switches in Low Power Applications

Hosam Shobak, Mohamed Ghoneim, Nawal El Boghdady, Sarah Halawa, Sophinese Iskander, Mohab Anis

AUC, Cairo, Egypt

§         Design of a Low-Power 1.5-Stage Current Reuse RF Front-End for GPS Band

Hossein Jalili, Ali Fotowat-Ahmady

Univ. of Sharif, Iran


§         Calibration of Output-Match and its Center Frequency for an Inductively Degenerated Low Noise Amplifier

Sami Mahersi, Hassene Mnif, Mourad Loulou

LETI-ENIS, Univ. of Sfax,Tunisia

§         A Dual Band Wireless Power and DPSK Data Telemetry for Biomedical Implants

Aymen Ghenim, Dhouha Daoud, Mohamed Ghorbel, Ahmed Ben Hamida, Jean Tomas

LETI-ENIS, Tunisia / IMS, Univ. of Bordeaux , France



B2: Digital Circuits

Chair: Smail Niar - Univ. of Valenciennes, France


§         The Effect of Numerical Techniques on Differential Equation Based Chaotic Generators

M. Affan Zidan, A. G. Radwan, K. N. Salama

Univ. of Cairo, Egypt / KAUST, KSA

§         A Stoppable Four-Phase Clock Generator For Low-power and Low-Noise Applications

Mounir Zid, Alberto Scandurra, Rached Tourki, Carlo Pistritto

FSM, Tunisia / OCCS, Italy

§         Migrating Single FPGA Chip Multiprocessor with Network on Chip to 65nm & 45nm ASIC

Omar Hammami

Ensta ParisTech, France

§         Software implementation of the OSIRIS iris recognition algorithm in FPGA

Raida Hentati, Bernadette Dorizzi, Mohamed Abid

CES-ENIS, Tunisia / IT-SudParis, France

§         Design, Implementation and Analysis of Fully Digital 1-D Controllable Multiscroll Chaos

S. Mansingka, A. G. Radwan, K. N. Salama

KAUST, KSA / Univ. of Cairo, Egypt

§         Process-Temperature-Frequency adaptive voltage scaled SRAM system for power reduction

JiaFeng Zhu, Na Bai, JianHui Wu

Univ. of SouthEast, China

§         An FPGA-Based Implementation of HW/SW architecture for CFAR Radar Target Detector

Ridha Djemal, Kais Belwafi, Saleh A. Alshebeili

Univ. of King Saud, KSA / ENISO, Sousse, Tunisia



C2: Nanoelectronics

Chair: Hassene Mnif – ISECS, Tunisia


§         An Approach to realize High Value Resistance using PMOS Device at Weak Inversion for POSFET sensor

Arun Kumar Sinha, Maurizio Valle

Univ. of Genova, Italy

§         New Design of Single-Electron Transistor for Single-Electron Memory Application at Room Temperature

Touati Amine, Sghaier Nabil, Kalboussi Adel

FSM / IPEIN, Tunisia

§         Use of Flat Miniature Heat Pipes for the Thermal Management of Electronic Packages

Mohamed Chaker Zaghdoudi, Christian Tantolin, Claude Sarno

INSAT, Tunisia / Thales Avionics, France

§         Hybrid Memristor-CMOS Memory Cell: Modeling and Design

Baker Mohammad, Dirar Homouz, Omar Al Rayahi, Hazem Elgabra, Ahmed Saleh Al Hosani

Univ. of Khalifa, UAE

§         An Efficient Model for Delay Estimation of MWCNT Interconnect

Morteza Gholipour, Nasser Masoumi

Univ. of Tehran, Iran

§         A Comprehensive Smart and Stochastic Methodology for Optimum Wire Segmentation in Nano Scale FPGAs

Anahita Bagheri, Nasser Masoumi

Univ. of Kerman / Univ. of Tehran, Iran



Coffee Break


A3: Special Session 1 > Reliability of System on Chip

Chairs: Bertrand Granado - Univ. of Cergy Pointoise, France

Fakhreddine Ghaffari - Univ. of Cergy Pointoise, France


§         Low Cost Test for Catastrophic Faults in CMOS Operational Transcondutor
Mahmoud M. Fouad, Hassanein H. Amer, Ahmed H. Madian, M. B. AbdelHalim
Univ. of Cairo / AUC / EAEA / AASTMT, Egypt

§         Error Flatten Logarithm Approximation for 3D Graphics
Mengyao Zhu
Univ. of Shanghai, China

§         A New Efficient Self-Checking Hsiao SECDED Memory Error Correcting Code
Fradi Aymen, Belgacem Hamdi, Chiraz Khedhiri
ISSAT, Sousse / EML, Monastir, Tunisia

§         Analog Fault Diagnosis by Inverse Problem Technique
R. F. Ahmed, A. G. Radwan, A. H. Madian, A. M. Soliman
Univ. of Fayoum / Univ. of Cairo / EAEA, Egypt



B3: Devices Modeling and characterization II

Chair: Ahmed Fakhfakh - ISECS, Tunisia 


§         A Genetic Neural Network Modeling of GaN HEMTs for RF Power Amplifiers Design

Anwar Jarndal, Swaroop Pillai, Hussein Abdulqader, Fadhel M. Ghannouchi

Univ. of Nizwa, Oman / Univ. of Calgary, Canada

§         State Space Modeling of Memristor-Based Wien Oscillator

Talukdar, A. G. Radwan, K. N. Salama

Univ. of  KAUST, KSA / Univ. of Cairo, Egypt

§         Two Port Network Analysis for three impedance based Oscillators

Lobna A. Said, A. G. Radwan , A. H. Madian, A. M. Soliman

Univ. of German in Cairo, Univ. of  Cairo / Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority, Egypt

§         Performance Improvement of Global Interconnects Using Combined Techniques of Low Swing Transceiver and Buffer Insertion in Nano Technologies

Zohreh Farjad, Nasser Masoumi

Univ. of Kerman Graduated Technology / Univ. of  Tehran, Iran

§         Memristor: Modeling Read and Write Operations

Dirar Homouz, Baker Mohammad, Hazem Elgabra, Ilyas Farahat

Univ. of Khalifa,UAE


ICM’11 Conference > Wednesday, 21st of December




Keynote 2

Chair: Mohamed Sawan - Polytechnique Montréal, Canada

Title: “Self-Healing” Design of RF and mm-Wave ICs

Keynote speaker: Mohammed Ismail El-Naggar

University:  The Analog VLSI Lab-The Ohio State University, USA



A4: Special Session 2 > RFID Technology and Applications

Chairs: Habib Hamam - Univ. of Moncton, Canada

            Abderazek Hachani - ESPRIT, Tunisia


§         A Parking Management System Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Rachid Souissi, Omar Cheikhrouhou,  Ines Kammoun, Mohamed Abid

CES-ENIS, Tunisia

§         An intelligent RFID Checkout for Stores

M.A. Besbes, H. Hamam,

Univ. of Moncton, NB, Canada

§         RFID Estimation Functions overview

A. Hachani

ESPRIT, Tunisia

§         RFID overview

Fennani, H. Hamam, and A.O. Dahmane

Univ. of Québec à Trois Rivières / Univ. of Moncton, Canada

§         A Microstrip Tag Antenna for RFID Applications in Health Care

Mehdi Si Moussa, and Ammar B. kouki

LACIME, ETS, Montreal, Canada



B4: VLSI Architectures for Multimedia Applications

Chair: Bertrand Granado - Univ. of Cergy Pointoise, France


§         Hardware compression solution based on HWT for low power image transmission in WSN

Ahmed Chefi, Adel oudani, Gilles Sicard

FSM, Tunisia / College of Info. Tech., Sultanate of Oman / TIMA, France

§         Software Application for Interactive Video Multi-Screen

Mhamed Frad, Asma Chaouch, Lamjed Touil, Abdellatif Mtibaa

FSM, Tunisia

§         Hardware Realization of Chaos Based Block Cipher for Image Encryption

Mohamed L. Barakat, Ahmed G. Radwan, Khaled N. Salama

Univ. of King Abdullah, KSA

§         An Efficient Hardware Implementation of Diamond Search Motion Estimation Based on CAL Dataflow Language

Wajdi Elhamzi, Julien Dubois, Mohamed Atri, Richard Thavot, Jérôme Gorin, Johel Miteran, Rached Tourki

FSM, Tunisia / LE2I, Univ. of Burgundy, IT SudParis, France / EPFL, Switzerland

§         Improved Masek approach for iris localization

Walid Aydi, Nouri Masmoudi, Lotfi kamoun

ENIS, Tunisia

§         Performance analysis and evaluation of Xenomai with H.264/AVC decoder

M. Kthiri, P. Kadionik, A. Ben Atitallah, B. Le Gal, H. Lévi

IMS lab.- ENSEIRB-MATMECA, Univ. of Bordeaux I / Univ. of Sfax, High Institute of Electronics and Communication, Tunisia

§         Straightforward Approximation of Bandstop Transmission Function Synthesized as the Reflection Function of Bandpass Wave Digital Ladder Structure

M. Yaseen

§         Univ. of Assiut, Egypt



C4: IEEE TN CEDA’s ENG-OPTIM’Contest 2011

Chairs: Mourad Fakhfakh - LETI-ENIS, Tunisia

            Mourad Loulou - LETI-ENIS, Tunisia


§         Coupling PZMI, Neural Network and Genetic Algorithms to solve EMC problems

J. Ben Hadj Slama, S. Saidi

SAGE-ENISo, University of Sousse, Tunisia

§         Comparison between PSO and ACO Techniques for Analog Circuit Performance Optimization

M. Kotti, B. Benhala, M. Fakhfakh, A. Ahaitouf, B. Benlahbib, M. Loulou, A. Mecheqrane

LETI-ENIS, Univ. of Sfax, Tunisia / FST, Univ. of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Fes, Morocco

§         A model driven based CAD tool for mppSoC design

M.Ammar, M.Baklouti, M.Abid

CES-ENIS, Univ. of Sfax, Tunisia

§         Multi-Objective Simulation-Based Optimization for the Optimal Design of Analog Circuits

Sallem, M. Fakhfakh, E. Tlelo-Cuautle, M. Loulou

§         LETI-ENIS, Univ. of Sfax, Tunisia / INAOE, Mexico



Coffee Break


A5: Wireless Systems and RF Circuits

Chair: Habib Hamam - Univ. of Moncton, Canada


§         Towards Time-Quantized Random Sampling for Multistandard Receiver Baseband Stage

A. Maalej, M. Ben-Romdhane, C. Rebai, A. Ghazel, P. Desgreys, P. Loumeau

SUP’COM, Tunisia / TELECOM ParisTech, France

§         Fast and Accurate Behavioural Simulation of Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer for the Optimization of the Lock time

S. Sahnoun, A. Fakhfakh,  N. Masmoudi, H. Levi

LETI-ENIS, Tunisia /  IMS, Univ. Bordeaux, France

§         Frequency Planning For Multi-frequency Sub-sampling Receiver and Its Application for UMTS/WLAN and GNSS Receivers

Amr Attaby, Khaled M. Sharaf, M.Marzouk Ibrahim

Univ. of Ain Shams, Egypt

§         The Fourth Generation 3GPP LTE Identification for Cognitive Radio

Nouha Alyaoui, Abdennaceur Kachouri, Mounir -Samet

LETI-ENIS, Tunisia

§         Fuzzy Logic Control for Automatic Impedance Matching

Arroyo Huerta José E., Diaz Méndez A., Ramirez Cortés J. M., Magana Mario E.

National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics, Mexico / School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, USA

§         RF Subsampling GNSS Receiver:Potential Advantages and Feasibility Study

Rim Barrak, Imen Labidi, Adel Ghazel, Muriel Muller, Nel Samama

SUP’COM, Univ of Carthage, Tunisia / Telecom SudParis, France



B5: CAD for VLSI

Chair: Omar Hammami - Ensta ParisTech, France


§         A New Hardware Abstraction-Based Framework to Cope with Analog Design Challenges

Sabeur Lafi, Ammar Kouki, Jean Belzile

ETS-Montreal, Canada

§         Congestion driven placement for mesh-based FPGA architecture with local interconnect

Zied Marrakchi, Mariem Turki, Habib Mehrez, Mohamed Abid

FlexRAS, LIP6, CEA, France / CES, Tunisia

§         Power Gradient Based Design Space Exploration in High Level Synthesis for DSP Kernels

Pallabi Sarkar, Reza Sedaghat, Anirban Sengupta

Ryerson Univ., Toronto, Canada

§         A Methodology for Modeling Embedded Processors for Architecture Exploration

Ahmed Elhossini, Shawki Areibi, Robert Dony

Univ. of Guelph, School of Engineering, Canada

§         Formal Verification of Time-Triggered Ethernet Protocol using PRISM Model Checker

Marwan Ammar, Otmane Ait Mohamed

Univ. of Concordia, Canada

§         Performance Analysis of Constraint Solvers for Coverage Directed Test Generation

M.P Jomu George, O. Ait Mohamed

Univ . of Concordia, Canada



C5: TN-CAS Chapter student contest

Chairs: Hassene Mnif – ISECS, Tunisia

            Mourad Loulou - LETI-ENIS, Tunisia


§         Wavelet Transform based strategy for Cochlear Implant in Real Time Implementation

Amira Derbel, Mohamed Ghorbel, Mounir Samet and Ahmed Ben Hamida

ATMS, Univ. of  Sfax, Tunisia

§         An Improved MOS Charge Pump circuit for Low Voltage Operations and wireless sensor applications

Rahma Aloulou, Hassene Mnif, Frederic Alicalapa, Mourad Loulou

LETI, Univ. of Sfax, Tunisia/ Univ. of La Reunion

§         A CMOS 0.35µm, 1.5V Multi-band RF Q-enhanced LC Band-pass filter

Aymen Ben Hammadi, Mongia Mhiri, Kamel Besbes

FSM, Tunisia

§         Architectural Design of Multi-Mode ΣΔ ADC Based on Pole Placement Method for WiMAX Receiver

Jihene Mallek, Hassene Mnif, Mourad Loulou

LETI-ENIS, Univ. of Sfax, Tunisia

§         A Wireless Data and Power Recovery for Biomedical Microsystems Implants

Dhouha Daoud, Mohamed Ghorbel, Jean Tomas and Ahmed Ben Hamida

ATMS, Univ. of  Sfax, Tunisia / IMS, Univ. of Bordeaux 1, France

§         Design and Implementation of an active inductor based LC oscillator 

Imen Ghorbel, Wenseslas  Rahajandraibe, Hassene Mnif, Mourad Loulou and Hervé Barthelemy

LETI, Univ. of Sfax, Tunsia / IM2NP, Marseille, France





Social events & Dinner

ICM’11 Conference > Thursday, 22nd of December




Keynote 3

Chair: Smail Niar – Univ. of Valenciennes, France

Title: The Cross-Layer Multi-Dimensional Design Space of Power, Reliability, Temperature and Voltage in Highly Scaled Geometries

Keynote speaker: Fadi J Kurdahi

University: Univ. of California Irvine, USA



A6: Special Session 3 > Distributed Information Processing in WSNs

Chair: Hichem Snoussi - Univ. of technology of Troyes, France


§         Energy conservation for image transmission scheme in wireless sensor networks

Mohsen Nasri, Abdelhamid Helali, Halim Sghaier, Hassen Maaref

FSM / ISIMM, Tunisia

§         Experimental study of compressed images transmission through WSN

Oussama Ghorbel, Issam Jabri, Walid Ayedi, Mohamed Abid

CES-ENIS, Tunisia

§         An ID-based User Authentication Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks using ECC

Amira Mnif, Omar Cheikhrouhou, Maher Ben Jemaa


§         Multi-objective optimization in wireless sensors networks

Matthieu Le Berre, Faicel Hnaien, Hichem Snoussi

Univ. of technology of Troyes, France

§         Diverse Synchronization issues in Wireless Sensor Networks

Salim el khediri, Abdennaceur Kachouri

ENIS, Univ. of Sfax, Tunisia



B6: VLSI Architectures

Chair: Abdellatif Mtibaa - ENIM, Tunisia


§         A Masked Correlated Power Noise Generator use as a Second Order DPA Countermeasure to Secure Hardware AES Cipher

Najeh Kamoun, Lilian Bossuet, Adel Ghazel

SUP’COM, Univ. of Carthage, Tunisia / Univ. of Lyon, France

§         Design and implementation of Direct Torque Control of Induction Machine on FPGA

Soufien Gdaim, Abdellatif Mtibaa, Mohamed Faouzi Mimouni

FSM, Tunisia

§         A Quality of Service Network on Chip based on a New Priority Arbitration mechanism

Chouchene wissem, Brahim Attia, Abid Noureddine, Abdelkrim Zitouni, Rached Tourki

FSM, Tunisia / France

§         ASIP Design of a Reconfigurable Channel Estimator for OFDM systems

Medhat Hamdy, Omar A. Nasr, Ahmed F. Shalash

Univ. of Cairo, Egypt

§         Transistor Level Optimization of Sub-Pipelined AES Design in CMOS 65nm

Abdallah Alma’aitah, Zine-Eddine Abid

Univ. of Queen’s Kingston, Canada / HCT-ADMC,UAE



Coffee Break


Round Table


Conference Closing